Experts Warn of RambleOn Android Malware Targeting South Korean Journalists (TheHackerNews, 2023.02.17)

기자를 대상으로 채팅을 통해 악성 메신저 어플리케이션을 설치하도록 유도하고 기기 감염을 시도한 사례를 분석한 인터랩의 디지털 위협 연구관 Ovi의 RambleON 보고서를, 해외 사이버보안 뉴스 플랫폼 TheHackerNews에서 보도하였습니다. (원문 링크)

Suspected North Korean nation-state actors targeted a journalist in South Korea with a malware-laced Android app as part of a social engineering campaign.

The findings come from South Korea-based non-profit Interlab, which coined the new malware RambleOn.

The malicious functionalities include the “ability to read and leak target’s contact list, SMS, voice call content, location and others from the time of compromise on the target,” Interlab threat researcher Ovi Liber said in a report published this week.